Real estate agency.

Property sellers or landlords want to sell their property as quickly as possible, and this for good reason, since properties that have been on the market for too long acquire the image of "slow sellers" and can consequently only be sold with great difficulty and at reduced prices. For this reason, several estate agents are usually engaged in order to achieve a successful sale as quickly as possible. From decades of experience in the construction and real estate industry, we know that this is the wrong approach for high-quality properties. Because as an estate agent you know: If you are one among many selling a property, the risk is very high that (after a lot of effort) you will end up making a loss. You don't sell or rent a property every day. That is why you should have a reliable partner by your side for this extremely important matter. To this end, we offer you quality at a level that is currently hard to find within the industry and which meets the highest standards. We want to take care of every property in our portfolio as if it were our own.

You can place your trust in us.

Because with exclusive contracts, we invest on your behalf and spare no effort to bring about mutual success as quickly as possible. We invest our money and our performance 100 percent in advance. If we are unsuccessful, we will not charge you for our investment. You undertake not to pay our agreed fee until we have brought about the desired brokerage success - i.e. after signing a purchase or rental contract.

Transparency. For all involved.

A real estate deal should be both a good investment and good business, no question about it. When it comes to pricing however, it is quite possible that personal emotions drives the asking price to unrealistic heights. This is understandable, since the personal connection to the property is naturally strong. The parents' house, the family property or one's own, self-realised life's work should change hands, and no one wants to have their property sold for less than its market value: In emotional as well as financial terms. It is our concern to respect this and to proceed with sensitivity, discretion and professional market knowledge in order to determine the real value of your property.

The services. Our offer.

Depending on the real estate segment, we put together the right package for preparing the property. Our included services range from a high-quality property brochure to a professional internet presence, from creative photography by photographers, video presentation to aerial drone shots.

Of course, our personnel expenses are also included, i.e. those of your personal advisor in our company as well as our office staff.

Benefit from professional marketing, targeted advertising measures and our excellent network.


When selling

Commitment period 6 months (after completion of our exclusive property and documentation preparation)
Seller's commission 3% of the purchase price plus 20% VAT.

When renting

Commitment period 6 months (after completion of our exclusive property and documentation preparation)
Seller's commission for residential premises: generally 2 months gross rent plus 20% VAT.
Business premises: usually 3 months gross rent plus 20% VAT.